IT Outsourcing or KPO – Low cost is not the sole factor for most CIO’s who Sets Up a Dedicated Offshore Outsourcing Center in India. They got an never ending outsourcing relationship and a standing army of resources provided by the vendor that meets all of their application needs.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is hereby defined as the development, management and/or day-to-day execution, of an entire business function by a third party service provider who has specialized domain expertise.

It is also termed as acquisition of product or services using external entity that has specialization in that operation.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing is highly value added processes in which the achievement of goals is highly dependent on the skills, knowledge and experience of the people carrying them out.

It is very much essential to choose specialize outsourcing partner to achieve a successful venture.

Why Outsource to India?

Today, Indian outsourcing industry is one of the best ways for CIOs to cut there application development and maintenance costs, deal effectively with the present growing demand of software and applications, so that they can focus on more strategic and productive work.

India has significant time zone advantage that allow third country companies to run there business 24 hours a day. India has invested heavily in technical education and can provide a ready supply of bright people at relatively low cost.

Infrastructure improvements in India, particularly in the area of telecommunications, and the independent nature of working in IT make it possible to bring this talent to bear on virtually any programming task.

India has large pool of natural talents that adapt to any conditions naturally. Beside that, skilled work force costs in India are significantly lower than in the other countries.

India has a vast pool of talent and a remarkable fluency in English, and has two other traits of a successful offshore region – mainly a rapidly growing infrastructure and a proven experience of doing business with the West.