Outsourcing Data Entry Service

Outsourcing Data management, Data entry services India.

Outsourcing Data management services is an area of concern for many. This requires extensive manual labor and time to carry out the process.

Our prime thrust is accuracy of the data and have a uniform quality.

We do all the validations and do the jobs manually by deploying knowledgeable and experienced editors.

Since India has low wages cost and have skilled people, outsourcing these service can be cost effective solution for overseas companies.

We provide high quality data management and data administration services. We at KPOWEB have our core strength in this field and able to manage, distrait of perform any type of data entry works.

No matter what ever is the complexity of the data management, we coordinate, perform the preparation, verification, and editing the job designated to us.

You can outsource any type of data entry job to us and we can provide you the right candidates who have knowledge, skill and ability to perform the job effectively. All our people will have excellent communication skills and will have ability to resolve data input, storage and retrieval problems.

We can guarantee an efficient document flow procedures and will maintain the confidentiality of data and information’s.

Some of the services offered in this field are listed below:

Back office administrations.

We will maintain your office work in India and will setup a team who can manage the job effectively. We will process all your documents and provide you all the needed reports and analysis in any format.

You may be requiring conversion of data in any format or need to process your forms or do any type of manual work, you can rely on us.

Data Entry works.

This is the time consuming job and India has talented skilled people who can perform the job with quality as well as cost effectively. We can undertake any type of data entry work and provide you any number of operators on monthly remuneration.

We can ensure you professional and competent solution along with necessary customization services if require. The job can be performed online as well as offline too.

Data capturing services.

We can provide you professional service in data capturing. We can extract your web data and provide you an excel or word sheet duly checked and edited properly. We can take-up any sort of job whether small or large and provide desired solution at lowest ever price.

We do not deploy any automated software to do the job, but do it all manually to maintain the quality of your data.

Data Mining and storage services.

We can do a research in internet as an on going process, and create your own database or indexes. We will be doing it all from scratch and prepare a quality product for your company.

We can also deliver you customized solution if required to maintain the database of your own.

Document processing.

We will process all sorts of documents in the field of Insurance, legal or data editing job. We will process the forms and create a weekly indexing for the same, so that you can track your documents.

Web based data entry jobs.

We can provide you a solution to complete the data entry works to your ecommerce website or any type of online database management. We have 15 high speed PC’s as well as high speed Broad Band internet connection at all of them.

We are well equipped with necessary team and tools required in effective execution of project.

Apart from above, you can outsource your works in the field of, Printed catalogue to web based forms, online data entry, hardcopy data to soft copy, documents indexing, PDF to word conversions, Insurance claim entry, online forms entry works, maintenance of your records and many more. We can assure you of best of our services with lowest ever cost.