Hire a Financial Consultant

Hire a dedicated financial adviser in India.

KPOWEB is associated with leading consultants in India who are specialized in Investment advisory, Tax Consultancy, Financial Planning, Project consultancy and Portfolio management. We will add human touch to your investment plans and deliver you a complete report on effective finance planning.

Our associates are certified Chartered accountants having in depth knowledge. We are mixing our technology with there experience and knowledge to provide a unique solution for organizations.

Our objective is to provide professional service in where, when and how to invest and to take care of the investment and other needs of NRI’s ( Non Resident Indians) and other investment companies. We can provide you total investment solution through our personal guidance about the information’s and insight of every investments options available today.

Investments are always a trade off between reward and risk. The higher the risk is the higher the return too. Properly planned investment designs can give you advantages of low risk, better rewards and a suitable tool to manage your plans.

With rich experience of our advisers, you will be getting regular updates of latest market trends and get a personalized guidance to optimize the Risk Return factor.

Some of the investment tools which are common in India:

  • Company Deposits – You will be getting the in-depth report on companies’ financials, its strength and other core reports to analyze the future of the company. Your investment will be safe and secure and will have the complete transparency.
  • Mutual Funds: These are usually a low return but a safe investment bet. With companies like DSP Merrill Lynch operational in India, it has increased more possibilities of professional investment management.
  • Post Office Schemes: Your fund will be kept with Post Office deposits schemes. Government of India controls these, so that you have no worries of payback. We will plan and inform you various schemes available time to time.
  • Other schemes like UTI (Unit Trust of India) LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) and various share dividends investment plans.

Apart from this, we can provide you many other services related to financial management and investment planning.