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Specialized accounting services India by experienced chartered accountants and certified auditors.

Internal audit is an independent appraisal, involving specialized application of techniques of auditing in accordance with the specific needs of the organization. We have our associates who will deliver you the best practice in, accounts evaluation and examination, financial and other operations.

A statutory auditor, who will study the audit system and internal auditor’s work, will evaluate all the work of an internal auditor. Below are few points to our object oriented solution:

  • Review of the organizational policies and there operations to ensure smooth operations.
  • Assistance in internal control system.
  • Verification of the accuracy and euthenics of the accounting records.
  • Errors and fraud management, help in detecting and provide preventions for that.
  • Ensuring Safeguarding the business assets and right disposal of assets.
  • Applicability of accounting policies and standards.
  • Helps in smooth functioning of internal check system.

Currently five senior level chartered accountants having more than 20 years of experience are associated with us and provide us complete range of services. Apart from them, we have trainee auditors who have two years of experience in handling the internal audit system.

The scope of auditing as follows:

  • Management Audit
  • Audit of a Banking Company
  • Educational Institutions
  • Audit of a Insurance company
  • Audit of Hospitals
  • Audit of the co-operative societies
  • Tax Audit and Tax planning

We are looking forward to provide you pool of talents in this field and act as a one-stop contact point. All the works will be evaluated, checked before the final delivery.

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