Advantage Outsourcing

Advantage outsourcing:

Indian outsourcing relationship with you is having robust quality assurance processes.

Many Indian companies have spent years honing rigorous development methodologies, and many are certified Level Five, the highest level of Carnegie Mellon University’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

There are many reasons for CIO’s of organizations in west to outsource there projects from Indian outsourcing service providers, we are putting up list of few common advantages:

  • Perfection in work. The specialized peoples who are expert in working on a particular module execute projects.
  • Cost effective. India has low labor cost compare to West that cuts approximately 70% of the project cost.
  • Time zone advantages. Organizations can run there business 24 hours a day due to time difference.
  • Save time and utilize it in other productive areas. Since you have outsourced your project, you can do a better time management and multiply the output of your time.
  • A work force that is highly trained. You will be getting the advantage of capitalizing the resource of highly trained talented professionals at much lower cost.
  • Fewer dependencies on your internal resources. You will have a second line of workers working for you, enable you gain more control over your business.
  • Reduced overhead costs. Since the outsourcing service provider works remotely, you will save huge on day-to-day overheads.
  • Free up your resources and utilize them in areas that are more productive.
  • Low risk, rapid transition, by distributing your risk you will have a better risk management.
  • Lower the cost of ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure.
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions.
  • Obtain needed project management and implementation consulting expertise, along with access to best practices and proven methodologies.
  • Control of budget. You can carry out a well-controlled project within limitation of your budget.
  • Leverage the provider’s extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
  • Reduce the overall IT management burden while retaining control of strategic decision-making.

At this point, it would not be wrong to state that, India is well equipped to meet this emerging sector’s challenges and all set to be the global outsourcing hub.